14 Jun

Actually, scared me when I’ve got my right handed doing something stupid’s perforation one. Hahaha. Poor me! Well, in my past preclinical, I had to find 3 orifices in maxillary 1st molar which’s objective was another root treatment wannabe. Truly, that was still on preclinical that’s meant i used phantom (the models of human mouth with teeth completed add in). Do you know orifice in this case? Well, for instant, orifice is the cavity entry to the pulp in the tooth, the hole shaped anyway. Easy one for me to find the 1st orifice where’s the area was on the palatal’s side was because it is indeed so that this one’s the biggest hole than others. My confidence grew up just like say “hurray!”, and then i did finding the next orifice in the other side. I decided to move my bur to the mesio-buccal’s side, trying fine the others hole but,,,, nothing’s showed! Well, i considered that better for me to find the distal one 1st, so move it vigorously the bur to the distal, and thanks God, i found it. Then, need speed up and extra efforts for the mesial one coz, u know, it has been more than 2 hours works, but the last orifice looked like disappear. Until the last minutes, i feel so give up and trying to ask to the instructor telling loud about what the hack with that tooth actually was! The doctor checked and said: “well, it seems like you’ve got lateral perforation already. Look at this part and feel it with half-moon. Anyhow, replace this tooth with the new one and be careful for the next.”

Oh nooooooo!

I said to the instructor: “excuse me doctor, but i still find no mesio orifice though I’ve got this mesial’s perforation. Oh no, hard to find!”

She said: “u did negligence, in fact”

I still didn’t believe it yet that I’ve done perforation! The lateral one! Thanks God because that’s happened on phantom, but that’s actually my pseudo patient! I’ve to figure it up as a person. Oh no, may this learning made me more careful.

Then, i put the new one, and did it faster and more careful and empirically, and voila! I made it fluently! In fact, i realized that teeth have its variants, sometimes it’s easy to find orifice and sometimes not. But that’s succesfully increasing my heartrate!

Anindita ZahRa, the next dentist!
p.s.: now, the preclinic has already done. Singing happy-happy!


Posted by on June 14, 2008 in curhat zone, dental zone


2 responses to “Perforation

  1. asopusitemus

    June 15, 2008 at 6:27 am

    Waduh….. molar and molar again…

    I wanna dump that word forever from my life!

  2. cuvetmerah

    June 17, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Molarmu knapa sop?


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