Testimony about the 35th APDSA 2008 Surabaya – Indonesia

18 Aug

What a life! This is my 1st experience in APDSA and also getting chance to be one of LOC as a director of publication and documentation. It feels like, once u’ve joined APDSA, u’ll be addicted with that! Absolutely right! Hahahahaha. Anyhow, i’ll share some of my memorable experiences here.

Opening ceremony was the 1st impression that gave me amazement! I was one of the organizers! Just like a dream come true, LOC 2008 was truly great just like the spectacular opening ceremony (hahahahaha!). Well, the important part was meeting my group. I was in group 10! There were 12 people including me (Anindita Zahratur Rasyida). They were Yovita (Indonesia), Icha (Indonesia), Jin (Korea), Elaine (Taiwan), Flower (Taiwan), Fishbone (Taiwan), Todd (Taiwan), Rai (Malaysia), Kityan (Malaysia), Farah (Malaysia), and Hiro (Japan). Well, I’ll give them my comments.

Yovita = nice group leader and always try to treat the group well

Icha = photographer, the communicative one!

Jin = beautiful! Attractive and looks like princess in Korean movie! Hahahahaha.

Elaine = nice person and cute! I like the way she was.

Flower = funny and interesting, and also the next professional photographer! Hahahahaha. I can’t forget about “chin je sye, chin je be!” hahahahahaha (well, i write down that sentences according to Indonesian pronunciation and spelling) never put off till tomorrow, if u can do it now! hahahaha

Fishbone = well, he’s nice but little bit calm, anyway i thought that he was the responsible one because at that time i collected Taiwanese photos from him by email, so actually he did good job to collect them. But hey,, I’ve already said the deadline about collecting photos but why did you still send the photos to me after the deadline date?? Hahahahahahah!

Todd = smiling general and you know, he didn’t like spicy very much! Hahahahahaha! But two thumbs up for doing our challenge to eat that chilly (cabe)! Good job Todd!

Rai = she’s sweet and we are melayu! Hahahahah

Farah = well, u really like photos, right?

Kit yan = i think u are a model, right? Hahahahahha. She’s beautiful and being able to speak 3 languages! Malay, china, and English well!

Hiro = moshi-moshi. Hiro-chan is so cute! She reminds me always with Japanese comic, i mean the character. She’s a little bit calm. Nice to meet you! (Anyway, how to eat the food in the black pack one?)

Day two, we’ve got city tour and city game but unfortunately i couldn’t join group because i have to help organize that part. Dizzy! Tiring! Exhausting! I missed the moments with my group, but well, not really because I still could go around the mall with yovita, icha, atya, hiro, kityan, jin, and todd. And we were challenging Todd to eat chilly! Hahahahahaaaa. And off course talking about Korean movies with Park Jin! (jin, sorry for your name tag, that’s my responsible actually although that’s my friend job because I’m the director. We’re so sorry.)

Day 3! I loved this day! Actually i was the announcer for cultural night together with stanley. The APAL give praise for over all the show. We were the LOC serving the best and that show became the best cultural night since 3 years a go (according to my friends and the seniors). Big thanks also delivered to the APDSA participants for presenting their best performance. I really loved Taiwan’s performance! But Indonesia was better lah,, hahahahahahaha!

Day 4! That was the most memorable day according to me in this APDSA. I did really enjoy group. I was talking much with Hiro and elaine along the trip to ciputra waterpark. We were talking about comics, movie, and etc! Finally i knew the difference between kun, chan, and san. Hahahahaha! I like japan! I like keiichi Tojo! (lho???? Hahahahhahahahahaha! I’ve got the photo! He looked like the real samurai!) and next, i enjoyed the outbound in water park. I could see that flower, todd, and fishbone were the real fighter! Hahahahahahhahah! And off course so much fun for playing water with Jin and Billy! Oh, they were so romantic! Just like watching Korean movie! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! But anyway, we are, the LOC, so sorry about JAMAS and Taiju tragedy. God bless u! And at night we moved to G-walk. I and yovita treated them well and showed them our Indonesian food, specially Surabaya. I really enjoyed their expression when tasting our food for the 1st time! I took so many photos here!

Day 5! Oh no! It’s hard to say goodbye! Turn back the time! Hahahahahahaha. Well, that was the last gathering time in closing ceremony. Well, wanna cry but what for?? Hahahahahhaha! I really appreciated with the souvenirs that they were giving to me. I gave my silver pins to groups and plus billy, the kind-hearted one. My mom only bought 12 and she spent almost 500.000 IDR for that souvenirs. Thanks mom! That will be memorable for us! Actually, i’ve already bought 12 surabaya stickers as souvenir but because adieb didn’t buy the souvenirs yet so i gave them to adieb 11 and i kept 1 because i liked the desgin but finally i gave it to Fiorina and she deserved for that, i hope u like it fiorina. Next, i and adieb took so many photos together with other participants. U knows what??? Mari asked BRIAN anak asem for having picture together! Both of us! Me and brian! Hahahahahaha. Well, brian name is unique and we often discussed it but mari thought that i adored him! Hahahahahaha. But , that’s okey lah… handsome enough. Hahahahaha! Ohw ya, to every people that i informed about my lost a box of my name card, hufff, i found it! Hikzzz, so oblivion! I left that box in my suitcase! Hahahahahahaha. Sorry, but i’ll add your messengers and perhaps friendster or facebook. Well, big thanks also for FU and ann for their kindness. Thanks fu for your mom’s cake. I took photo 1st before eating! Hahahahahahaha.

Oh ya, for the other participants that i can not mention one by one, thank u so much! Nice to meet u all! For lavy, gift, nik, wani, bori, ken, nike, chicken, john (oh, sorry that i couldn’t accompany u because my driver has come at that time), alan, alvin, shinnest, yao dong (dong2), mira, sheril, and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you all!

APDSA, I’m in Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anindita Zahratur Rasyida (Anin)
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16 responses to “Testimony about the 35th APDSA 2008 Surabaya – Indonesia

  1. Asop

    August 20, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Yeah, yeah…. my daughter, u’ve found ur happiness here, enjoy it while u can….

    Btw, u have friends from Taiwan and Korea, right?
    How is ur first impression when u talked to them 4 the first time??
    I thought it is difficult to have a conversation with Korean, Chinese, and Japanese (all the eastern asia region) people due to my experience in Singapore…

    U know lah, some of their accent, like “chinlish” (for chinese) and “singlish” (singapore)….

    When last time in Singapore, I thought it will be easy 2 speak with asian people. But the reality is……. DAMN!…… I don’t understand what they are saying!!!

    When I was in a gamestore…
    Me: “Excuse me, can u tell me what kind of game is this?”
    Mercahant: “Aaaaa… that is BLA BLA BLA…. You can CANG CING CONG with that… You want to buy it?”
    Me: “What the…. what did he say before???”


    It’s like they speak ENGLISH with their own language, compacted with their own accent! And then i know that is the “Singlish”, Singapore-english…..

    How about u, my daughter? Have you ever been in trouble like me?

  2. cuvetmerah

    August 21, 2008 at 2:11 am

    well, aku ga nemu kesulitan berarti sejauh ini. mereka juga englishnya variasi, mulai dari beginner sampe advance. justru aku menemui kesulitan ketika komunikasi bahasa melayu dengan anak malaysia. actually, orang malaysia kadang lebih suka ngajak komunikasi dengan bhasa melayu, tetapi kan sering kali penggunaan kata berbeda makna antara di indonesia dengan malaysia. misal :

    orang malaysia (OM) : anin, mobil disini besar-besar ya?
    anin (a) : ah tidak juga, itu ada mobil kecil (sembari menunjuk mobil sedan)
    om : bukan, bukan, maksud saya, ada honda, nissan, toyota.. (sambil menunjuk-nunjuk mobil)
    a : oww, u meant “brand”??? oww, i see, i see, actually itu brand yang biasa disini kok
    om : oww

    ada lagi, tp aku masih belum nyambung dgn yang satu ini
    om : anin, kenapa rumah disini dikelilingi dinding?
    a : haaaaahhhhhhhhh??? ya iya kan?
    om: bukan, bukan, maksud saya, di malaysia hanya dikelilingi pagar, tapi lihat rumah itu, ada dinding disampingnya
    a: ya, itu rumah indonesia

    and masih banyak lagi, so aku prefer kalo ngajak omong si pake english, tp aku sadar kalo bahasa yang lebih dekat kekerabatannya terasa lebih akrab (closer)

    singlish tu cm malay n singapore punya kok. korea, japan, taiwan, normal aja. hehehehe

    dad, bayari apdsa ke jepang 2010! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! the most expensive APDSA tuuhhhh!

  3. Asop

    August 21, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Heeeee??? Gitu yah?? Syukur deh…

    Bayari ke Jepang??? …………………… Daddy juga mau atuh… kumaha kamu mah….

  4. cuvetmerah

    August 21, 2008 at 3:35 am


  5. Asop

    August 21, 2008 at 7:39 am

    Bukannya pelit, tapi daddy sekarang masih sibuk kuliah…. Huakakkakkakakakakkaakkkakak!

  6. aryakuro

    August 21, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    wah…udah nulis APDSAnya…gw aja belom sempet, gara-gara jadi koor transpor NDSC…gantian deh jarang tidurnya…ahahah, gw baru sadar lho, lo tuh yang jadi MC itu kan yak??? belom sempet kenalan langsung yak soalnya…

    anyway ada pertanyaan dari anak malay:
    “Oh one more thing. Ive got one question to ask. Since ure the LOC member, i hope u can help me with this.
    We (me and many of my friends) want the pics and videos recorded through out the event. especially pictures and videos during the cultural night, the ciputra waterpark, as well as the closing ceremony. is there any chance we can receive it from you guys?”

    any comments? hehe, nice to know ya!!

  7. cuvetmerah

    August 21, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Well,nice to knw u2.
    Ehm,,bs aja,tp aq max br dpt hsl dr kruku sbln stlh apdsa. N soal video,aq ga janji krn qt protect,jd kl mw byr,tp tu yg dlm bntuk kompilasi bgs lho. Kl cm miniklip apdsa,mungkn aq bs ksh free. Email aq aja.

  8. park jijn

    August 27, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Anin ^^ I’ve just read your e-mail, and I visit here . I also read this , you really have abundant sensitive . It’s very impressive. I’ll send you e-mail.

  9. cuvetmerah

    August 30, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    jin! hahaha, thanks.. ya, i’m looking forward to get an email from you!
    c u!

  10. YOWH

    September 10, 2008 at 10:40 am

    maap kayaknya salah masuk,
    gak mudeng!!

  11. anindita

    September 11, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    sapa ya?
    ipnya jg ga jlz

    ………… gayospensa sapa?

  12. YOWH

    September 12, 2008 at 7:34 am

    ya jelas ga jelas….
    wong bukan sapa sapa
    kan uda di bilang salah masuk,
    gimana cara biar sepinter mbak

  13. Marshal Octavianus

    October 24, 2008 at 6:10 am

    Hi.. blogwalking.. hahaha.. gw marshal, trisakti. LOC juga… gila, bisa nyasar ke sini… Hows life been after APDSA? gimana taun depan? ikut penang juga?

  14. anindita

    October 30, 2008 at 9:59 am

    hahaha, euphoria apdsa uda over. klinik, kuliah.. huhuhu

    iya, aku inget marshal kok. temen jovita kan.. hehe,,

    iya, berencana ikutt… mumpung deket juga,, hehehe.. amien…

    c u!


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