APDSA 2009, let’s flashback!

24 Aug
APDSA 2009

APDSA 2009

Hahaha, yesterday, i got a flashback soon after reading again my APDSA 2009 book. I started with viewing photos then stopped a lot in a photo named Kentaro Honda from Japan. It reminded me about how lucky i was to be the part of participant in the Penang APDSA, as well. How come? And why did him? Let’s take a minute for the next. Hahaha

My 1st day in APDSA was about my activities in Penang Hill, spending time in gurney drive for just enjoying seafood, and APDSA welcome dinner. I walked to ballroom to attend the dinner then looked forward to group 25. I found there that the table was still placed by several men only, i thought to myself that “ok anin, let’s take a look around 1st, and say hello to the other same university friend 1st”. Afterwards, i had a look again to my group table then founding there’s a beautiful girl had already take a place, so i made a move to sit there too. Many introducing were occurred there, like UTADA HIKARU’s song: it’s automatic! Hahaha. The special one was meeting HIROMI ASO; she was getting more and more pretty as well! ^^ Hiro chan wa kawaii desu!

I had multicultural friends in a group coming from east and Southeast Asia as well. They were Jack from Hongkong; Seng from Malaysia; Tommy, Shannon, Fang-Yien from Taiwan; Ken from Japan; Disty and roy from lovely Indonesia; then Alex from South Korea.

The 2nd day was filled with city tour. I talked a lot with disty, she’s nice and beautiful. Sometimes i tried ice breaking to alex, the right side of my sit. After all i had time to talk to each participant till the last activity of that day that was culinary time in Gurney Drive. We played game “TRUTH OR DARE” and poor (or maybe lucky) for Seng, shannon, disty, fang-yien and Ken. Hahaha. Jack was the pioneer of this game, so nice i thought. What’s next? Having lot of laughs seeing Ken eating DURIAN for the 1st time! Haha! Anyway ken, that’s one of my favorite fruits, haha, but the smell, is bothering anyhow, hahaha. The taste of Durian is so strong, a deep sweet.

The third day was founding me in SRC presentation. Okay, i didn’t win, but that’s life, hahaha. LOL. Tropical night was going so whatever but yeah it’s okay coz at least i got myself talking and having 2 shots picture with Keiichi Tojo san, the most wanted one for me, haha. No special reason, maybe he’s cool but that’s it, just like missing hiromi aso, haha. But not only them, i did miss a lot to Kit Yan also, ehm, a whole group in the 2008 APDSA (including the persons that weren’t attending APDSA 2009) i thought. Ah no, not only that group, but more and more! Hahahhahah! LOL! I couldn’t mention one by one ok! ^.*

The last day was about cultural night performances, traditional customs, and souvenirs. They were all going so great. Actually, APDSA was the right time to take picture from the beginning till the last, so did that night. And i forgot one thing before cultural night that’s TELEMATCH, which one was so-so and i didn’t enjoy as well so i joined my friends for having shopping in Komtar.

I made my own impression for each person and concluding that they are all so nice, you know, Shannon with her beauty, Jack for his nice personality, Seng with his communicative idea, Fang-Yien for being humble, Tommy for his nice present, disty for being so friendly taste to me, roy with his unique hair, Alex for being so “KOREA” (hahaha, i watched a lot Korean Drama, they’re cool as they were), then Ken with his memorable kindness!!

Hahaha, now Ken is being the main topic. Let’s the story begin. The 1st was about the lift incident. I and my friends (also my roommate) were going up to our own rooms. Poor me, i was late to get into the lift and it has already had full capacity, my friends including my roommate have already settled in that lift. Hahaha. Okay, that wasn’t big deal; i could wait for the next lift.

The further lift was coming then i came inside, there were Bona, keiichi, and several Koreans and Japanese there that i didn’t know exactly. Well, it was already in 9th level, so i went to my room as soon as possible because i thought that i needed toilet (hahaha). Later, I got so confuse having my room card didn’t work! And i needed toilet as well! Hahaha. The bell was rung but no one coming from inside. Oh God, my roommate must be going somewhere for hanging out with the other same university friends.

I tried to remember my university friend’s room number and there was only Diana&Ellen’s room number in my head that was 824. Okay, i thought quickly that this was the best idea, you know, maybe i could find my roommate there and borrow the toilet anyway. I let my high heels off cause it’s bad wearing heels for long time, so hurt. Well, there was a Cambodian boy inside the lift, he did ice breaking and talking but pardon me so much that i could be so focus as well, except toilet, hahaha. We didn’t introduce each other lately but i promised to myself at the time that i have to search him in apdsa book as soon as possible. Later, I rang the bell and no one coming out! Oww God, TOILET PLEASE! Hahahahaha….

It was getting soooooooo tiring! My tension might be getting high, LOL. I decided quickly to go to lobby. At this time when i was going down, I’ve already forgotten about toilet. All i needed to do the most was searching my same university friends or going to receptionist complaining the room card one.  In the lobby, looking around, and then deciding to receptionist. While on the way to receptionist, i met Ken. I told him the incident shortly, then nice him, he offer himself to accompany me to the receptionist. Well, just for simple chat and nothing purpose, i explain why i did my heels off from my feet. Surprising one, he lent his Japan traditional shoes to me (sorry, forgetting the shoe name anyway)! Wow! That’s reaaallllyy so much to me, but okaayy, i wore slyly, but still with my pleasure ^^…!

For short, it was continuing with his kindness that let me wearing that shoe till i came in front of my room. Thanks God, our room was in the same level so i could excuse myself anyway. The last chat was so nice, but i realize that this was sooooo muchh (fun actually ^^), so wiser if i let him take a rest. BIG THANKS! I can’t stop blushing all the night…! hahahahha.. So friendly for a new acquaintance! Love it!

That’s APDSA 2009 all! This testimony wasn’t like my previous story (about APDSA 2008) which was general; this one was focusing on my best impression oriented. Over all, ONCE APDSA, ALWAYS APDSA! Thanks God for giving me APDSA as a part of my life story.

Anindita Rasyida,

One of Dental students in Asia Pasific Region

P.S. = I couldn’t find the name of Cambodian boy because there were no pictures attached in Cambodia section, but i noticed that he was a Cambodian because i saw him before in SRC presentation.

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