Killing Time : VOICE ヴォイセ DORAMA

22 Sep

Though today is still raya moment, i go nowhere.

At 1st I thought that I’ll sleep all day long, but then i didn’t feel sleepy anyway. I did re-read my comics but felt so bored. So i just decided myself to lying on my bed so that i could sleep to pass “dunnowhattodomoments” LOL. But later i looked to my desk than there was a DVD that caught my attention titled voice ヴォイセ. I borrowed from my friend that she has borrowed from her friend (LOL!). I never had a chance before to watch it cause the routinities of clinics in my school. I also remembered that i’ve already gotten a warning from my friend that she had to return it anyway to her friend. Haha. So this was the time. Haha. Chocolate from Igor pastry has already accompanied me! (i don’t know the name of the chocolate but i call this “beng-bengnya igor”, haha, cause it’s similar with beng-beng (wafer chocolate brand) but more tasty since the price is higher. LOL!)



Voice is all about forensic in medical school. But i think that it has different perspective to tell the playgoer. Sometimes i think voice is too much wanna know about the life of cadavers before they die, haha. Kaji Daiki, the main actor here is just like a detective that investigates the cause of death till the specific reason and telling that to people that’s abandoned by. In my own opinion, that’s police job, the forensic doctor is just having duty to analyze the cause of death according medical viewing and analyze many evidences in lab. The main here is forensic doctor have to hear the “voice” of that death person.

I didn’t think that this one as good as CSI but yeah, this one was very touching my sentiment, i cried in every single episode, hahaha. I just watched CD1 and contained about 5 stories, ehmmm, yeahh 3 episodes i think. I spent a half day watching it in my room but then i fell asleep and realize that it’s already 17.30. hahaha. Yes, I’ve killed the time successfully! I watched from about 10 in d morning. But yeah, ok, that’s not nonstop, i also had time to enjoy meal while enjoying Michael Jackson in TV.

I left my room and came to my mom in her room just to say hi. Then she shouted to me “deaarrr, u slept too much! Look at ur eyes! pouch there!” Reflex action, i went to mirror, and yeaahh, damnn, so puffy! Pouch like! LOL! Afterwards i told her that i didn’t sleep that much, just 1 till 2 hours, not all day long, these one were caused of crying. Hahaha. I cried while watching voice mom! Yeah, my eyes will turn into pouch/ puffy like, if i cry before sleeping. That doesn’t happen if don’t sleep after crying as well. Hahha. Maybe someone out there is just like me, but the fact, I’m the one like that in my family. LOL!

need puffy eyes reducing

need puffy eyes reducing

Okaaayyy, it’s getting night. Actually i wanted to go to d next cd but then i saw a book titled Piranti Ortodonti Lepasan. What the hackkk, i felt so guiltyyy that i did nothing due to my school business. LOL! I have so many homeworks in just one week holiday. From Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) subject, i have to write a paper about mechanism mouth opening and closing with muscle perspective. Also From that subject, i have to make pre proposal to discuss with the lecturer due to research project for my graduation. Then, i will have a pretest to enter perio clinic in next Monday. Last but not least, there will be orthodontic case analyzing with clinic tutor, FYI, i have “special” tutor! God, why do i always get “special” one (just like my previous story about OMFS clinic 1)? Am i so special? Hahahaha. But Thx anyway God…

So i decide to…………… go back to sleep. Hahahah! C’mon, it’s still Tuesday. I have 5 left holidays. Forget about “never put off until tomorrow” proverb. LOL.

Enough blogging, ciao!

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