my 1st posting in 2010

03 Jan

Happy New Year 2010..

It’s kinda late. But yaa, let it be..

I have no cause for celebration, but yeah i have to say that earth is getting older, so do i. I see my life is just like a journey. I dream many things in my journey. When we talk about journey or perhaps trip, we’ll talk about destination. I’m moslem, and Heaven is my goal. But, i can say i’m still unintelligent talking about Heaven as well. So, i’m just starting learning from the process of this life journey itself. Ya, it’s about process, not just a goal.

My friend asked to me, why do people commit suicide? I answered to my friend that they forgot their God. I thought that people committed suicide because they felt alone, they were so desperate that much and thinking that they and no one could solve their problem, the crucial one was, they were forgetting God, as the Master of problem solving or ya, they just didn’t believe in. I answered that fluently, seems like I’ve read that in book before. Then, my friend agreed with me.

2 days later, i didn’t know why, i  typed ‘suicide’ in Google search. I found a web that discussed about suicide deeply. It seemed  like, the visitors of this web were they that deciding to commit suicide but having no ideas about that then searching in google and finally came to that web as a curiosity at 1st; Or the other case was perhaps someone who has recovered from suicidal tragedy then trying to restart their life by googling about it. And mine? well, i’m not both of them, i was just being curious… Ya, curious in suicidal.

ehm, the web it’s about the writer experience or just the setting is like that. At last, of course, the point is prevent suicide. It looked scary web to me actually, haha…

In my very personal opinion, so far, i have the reason why we have to stay away from committing suicide. But I’m not going to talk about appreciating life’s chance or any other wise sentences talking about how lucky someone born in this earth.  All i know, committing suicide is a sin.

Then, maybe you’ll ask to me what if committing suicide wasn’t a sin. So i answered: “u must be joking.”

My life in this earth is only once. Moreover, I believe in afterlife. I believe in day of reckoning. I believe that we need effort to gain something. I want the best present of effort that is Heaven. Committing suicide won’t be a shortcut. IT’S THE ACCURSED THING EVER! HOW FOOL!

Process of my Journey is tricky. But that’s the point for considering my goal. God, i want Your heaven… Guide me to the straight path, the path of those on whom Thy grace is, not those on whom Thy anger is, nor those who are astray.

Ya Allah, forgive my bad in this writing. I didn’t mean  being rebel or being so despondently. I just want to be closer to You. I want to express how much i believe in You. You are the only Saviour. All i need is Allah..

Life is a mystery.. so once again, happy new year. Let’s making best resolution..


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3 responses to “my 1st posting in 2010

  1. sinta

    January 3, 2010 at 6:33 am

    hiaa… i ever think to did it. although i know it just so stupid because i don’t know how and i get worried of it effect.
    -ngaco apa si aq. intinya aku ga berani ngelakuin ‘itu’ meski sempet kepikiran. iya kalo langsung ‘berangkat’, kalo ga??? malah ngerepotin orang lain ae. lagian kasian orang2 yang masih sayang sama aku.hehehe-

  2. Asop

    January 6, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Aku ga baca tulisanmu karena lagi males, yg pasti sekarang udah tahun 2010 dan ternyata kamu masih nge-blog. Mari kita menjadi pribadi yg lebih baik dr tahun lalu. Amin! ^_^

    • anindita

      January 9, 2010 at 11:18 am

      happy nu year daddy asop! hehe


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