o boy, o man..

02 Feb

o dear boy,

we’ve spent time a lot

i learnt many things from you

o boy,

i don’t know why, i can’t remember the 1st day you asked me to be your girl

but correction, it’s not about remembering the 1st, it’s about how’s next

o boy,

you act a lot

i smiled a lot

mariyuana, it’s you, addictive

o boy,

you seemed more than best friend to me

you’re too bad to be a foe to me

too good to be a friend to me

i just could love you

so boy,

you can’t be my friend

you can’t be my enemy

no, you can’t

so i accepted you, to be my boy, a special one

and boy,

what’s wrong with us?

i don’t want to think about it

but yah, all i can say is, it’s about limitation.

every single thing has it’s own limit

it’s because we were boy and girl

it’s not us today


you’re a man, i’m a woman

deepest inside, i want something from this change

increasing the limit

o boy,

i ever trusted on you

believe in your words

you promised me many things

and i just still want to believe it till now

please, be a man

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Posted by on February 2, 2010 in curhat zone


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