did i say

02 Jun

Dear my mind,

did i say that this was what i wanted

that’s being here was my choice

that i loved my whole activities here till the single tiny one

that i dreamed it

that i didn’t obey my mom’s choice about this

that i didn’t listen my ex bf opinion about this

that i browsed anything about this on internet since i was in junior high school

that i told many times about this to my secret friend in junior high school

that i came to this for the 1st time with the curious and thankful mind

that i thought that this was a destiny

that i spent so many efforts to survive here for about 3.5 years and quote one says that please take a look “a half full” not a half empty

that i cheered up my friends to always think positive here

that i always ask my self to look from the bright sight

that i had great teachers here

that memories were so amazing here

that travelling to many places were started from this thing

that friends here were fun

that some friends here taught me what friendship was

that some friends here taught me what egoistic was

that some friends here taught me what irritating feeling was

that a friend here naturally taught me a “sweet” smile 🙂

that some teachers here were just so drama

that a teacher was so remarkable here 🙂

that this forced me to wake up in the morning

that  required to withdraw from ATM more often due to this ;p

that my patients here taught me what humanity was, what caring was, and life wasn’t  ideal and being ideal was boring

that i believed this was one of the pathway to my future

that this was just a part of my journey

that it will be ok at the end; If it’s not OK, it’s not the end

that behind an ugly shell, there’s a beautiful pearl

that life was just like a wheel, so did this thing

that I had Great God and problems in this world would be solved because of GOD

that i called this, DENTISTRY and  dentistry faculty Airlangga University as a center

I pray for this..

I want to restart my mind..

so my mind, please be positive.. this one is a half full, not a half empty..

Thank You Allah, it’s not seemly for me to complain about this.



Posted by on June 2, 2010 in curhat zone


2 responses to “did i say

  1. Asop

    June 21, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Luar biasa
    Ganti theme. 😀


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