insect, salty, and blood

13 Jun

3 words above have been spinning in my head since 3 weeks ago.

  • I see insects as a hallucination everywhere
  • I judge many foods as a salty one
  • I bleed too frequent
  • Well, let’s discuss…

    INSECT.. yeah, from fly, grasshopper, till cockroach.. I just feel so uncomfortable about this. My 1st sight, i see insects. Then, at the 2nd, they disappear (yeah, because they don’t exist as well).. I HATE COCKROACH! and TRIPLE DUPER HATE for the COCKROACH THAT CAN FLY! I can’t stand with them that “COCA COLA COLOR WANNABE”! Thanks God, Creating cockroach as a small one. I couldn’t imagine if their sizes were as big as rats, cats, or another bigger one.. haha

    SALTY.. many foods are tasted salty in my tongue… but most of people around me that taste the same food too don”t agree with my statement.

    BLOOD.. i often bleed. Many causal factors: Scratched, cut, till penetrated. The 1st blood of this topic was spilled by something sharp from a part of medical record file folder straight at my finger in OMFS clinic. and A FRIEND of Me, cruelly, hit my finger without any reasonable purpose! aarrgghh! Unmannered! Dare you, boy!

    so, what’s the point of this? They are too unrelated each other… all i know is, if someone eats salty food too much, he or she can have hypertension; if we inject lidocaine cum adrenaline straight to her or his tissue, vasoconstriction happens, so that blood circulation becomes faster and it dangerous for the one that already have a hypertension; while we inject then having hallucination of cockroach, we will miss control of our needle then penetrate too deep uncontrollably and after realizing, we draw it a.s.a.p., we will see fresh blood flow there… so RANDOM ANALOGY! hahaha

    heeyy, stop blogging anin.. go study for tomorrow discussion with OMFS teacher!

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    1. bolehngeblog

      June 17, 2010 at 12:27 pm

      it’s cool…


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