Vanilla Ice Cream

11 Aug
vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream

A vanilla ice cream
Sweet, white, and smooth
The tastes that I do miss so much from him

The smell of vanilla
The aromatherapy, once you inhale, you’ll never forget
Then it always makes me forget all the wondering in life

At that time, I was so lucky because I could enjoy the vanilla ice cream anytime, anywhere
There was him, brought it for me
He made it by himself
A homemade vanilla ice cream, so delicious

Then, I couldn’t get it from him anymore
But I would show him that I could buy a vanilla ice cream
The same taste vanilla ice cream
It’s not his monopoly anymore

He smiled and then went away
After that, I realized that I did lie
Yeah, it’s different taste

Vanilla ice cream that I bought from seller was just a vanilla ice cream
His vanilla ice cream meant so much to me
They had their own ‘white, sweet, and smooth’
Their own aroma

They were not only that, but also deep touching heart taste

My 1st vanilla ice cream –that was from him- was the most delicious one
I really hope that I can enjoy it everyday

But this time I can’t touch back his soul
So that’s why now he’s bringing vanilla ice cream to the specific one, his girl
Friend is just a friend
He has (or will have) a girl that understand him more and more, who can give him an ice cream back

To me, my 1st ice cream is vanilla
It will never die
I do a mistake if I try to look for another vanilla ice cream
I will get the other ice cream, the new one, that suit my appetite best

God, if a new ice cream will just be an allergen to me, please, give my vanilla ice cream back.
But above all this, I know that God will give the healthy ice cream for me.

-i wrote this 1 year ago, on august 11th 2009. I repost from my tumblr

ice cream lover, aninditazahra…


Posted by on August 11, 2010 in curhat zone


2 responses to “Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. sinta

    August 17, 2010 at 4:23 am

    are u okay??

    • anindita

      August 23, 2010 at 1:49 pm

      pretty sure, i’m ok! haha. i’ll tell the world that i can stand by my own self! 🙂


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