Next Trip

13 Aug

It’s getting closer to another scheduled trip of my holiday this time. When it comes to break between school semester, i always want to have a travel thing such a trip. I’d love to even it’s just backpacking low budget or something. A half of year means so much things have done, from the happiest till the critical one, school life till social life. And a part of it; is another love life that’s still undefined to me. hahahahha, feels like, can anyone tell me any formula to not look back of someone from the past? hahahahah…! how to seal the memories forever? I meant, not getting flash back of something that not mean to you. I know a quote that tell us to not miss someone from our past cause there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to our future. But, what if i still believed that better condition would occur? am i silly? aaargghh,, this one commonly disturbs me when once i have a break, seems like i need something busy to escape from this memory.

cute luggage

cute luggage

That’s why i need a break from continual activities. I know that life is never flat, but somehow you may have ennui! haha. A new place for several days will suit me best. Unknown people, random things, strangers, experiences, new acquaintances, stuffs, photos, and refreshments are all i want to gain.

And Alhamdulillah, InsyaAllah, the next one, that’ll be next week, is Japan! Yeah, let me spell,  J.A.P.A.N. Nippon banzai.. I’ll have a mission too. Thanks Allah, Thanks mama, Thanks APDSA. 🙂

May everything is gonna be alright and full of memories. And the next semester will be refresh and beautiful! 🙂

Anyway, list of departments that i am going to take for the 9th semester are Pedodontia, Periodontia, Oral Medicine, Orthodontic, and Oral Surgery clinic. So,who want to clean their calculus? to be extracted their teeth? to be cured of their stomatitis problem? and perhaps anyone have children that need oral health improvement? hoho. SO,, all the lecturers and instructors, be nice ya! 🙂 i’ll do my best! ^0^


Posted by on August 13, 2010 in curhat zone, dental zone, travelling zone


4 responses to “Next Trip

  1. kharinna

    August 14, 2010 at 11:46 am

    waw,. bnr2 curhat ya nin,. shg aku jg bs merasakan apa yg kamu rasakan,. well, have a nice day ya di JEPANG,. Manfaatkan bnr2 waktumu dsna,. kami akan slalu merindukanmu dsni (aku, tbt, sinta, fina, fani),.

    • anindita

      August 23, 2010 at 1:51 pm

      yes, thanks! hoho. let’s refresh! 🙂

  2. siesti

    August 15, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    oleh-oleh.. hehe..
    btw, Have a nice trip.. 🙂

    • anindita

      August 23, 2010 at 1:50 pm

      tengs! ada kitkat wasabi! LOL


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