Japan APDSA 2010

08 Sep

That was my 3rd chance joining APDSA. Since it’s Japan, at 1st i had no idea what to write down as a resume or simple narration coz everything was amazed me and I really2 want to visit there. I took so many pictures. So I guess it’s enough to upload the pictures in my facebook account (here and here). But yeah, I think simple notes about Japan should be written down here in my blog.

train after narita, full of our luggage

train after narita, full of our luggage

I arrived in Narita at 9 pm and I had to reach the almost very last train to reach the hotel in asakusa district. Actually, we met LOC representation at narita and he gave instructions using the trains but not accompanying; but we still lost! Hey. It’s confusing.. We still had a jet lag, we had to move from train to train, walking a lot, and the most challenge was coming from the language and the letter. Mostly written in Kanji and speaking Japanese only. Hahaha. I was so regretting at that time about why I didn’t take some courses before coming to Japan. LOL. But hey, we still had some modals from watching dorama and japan movie or just from reading manga; so we used simple conversation, dictionary books, and body language as well. Hahaha. Japanese are welcome, smiling general, and quite helpful even they don’t speak and understand English well.

Ah ya, I was walking all the time there. Actually I don’t mind about walking and I enjoyed that, I just laughed at myself remembering the habit of mine in Indonesia that far from pedestrian idea. Hehe.

Well.. I’ve already explaining 2 times about what APDSA is in this one and this one. So, let’s just take a note for some other things.

The congress was held in 2 cities; Hakone and Funabashi. We enjoyed Japanese etiquette in Hakone and modern touch in Funabashi. I went to onsen (hot spring bathing area); we weren’t permitted using any clothes during bathing in that area. Yeah, it’s female only; but you know lah.. brrrr! Hahaha.

a corner of my room in hakone

a corner of my room in hakone

Err, well, I’m in group 5. We had Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Malaysians, Hong Kong, Thailand’s, and sure Indonesian. My group leader was quite unique. He brought brown suitcase almost all the time during the group time. His name is Sho. Another Japanase is Jinun, but actually she’s Koreans but now studying in Japan. Carol is from Hong Kong, she was so cheerful. Malaysian is Hally and eeyi. There’s Teddy that’s so funny from Korea. From Taiwan are Hsuan, apeng, and cute phoebe. From Thailand is May; she’s pretty and smart. Don’t forget from Indonesia, we had peter –our superstar, haha- and apsari that was so beautiful as a reflection of Indonesia  hehe.

group 5! yeay!

group 5! yeay!

sho and his brown suitcase :)

sho and his brown suitcase 🙂

I enjoyed the food very much. Seems like I wanted to marry sushi chef or Japanese chef so that I could enjoy the food all the time 😛 haahhahaa.

dinner set

dinner set



I had a dental school and hospital visit in Nippon Dental University. I THINK, They’re the reasons why dentistry exists in this world. Hoho. So convenient yet high-tech. I met SIMROID, the cyborg of dental patient. We can use as a preclinical training. She can tell us what she felt and having a human gesture. At 1st, I thought that she’s a human :p

the patient is SIMROID

the patient is SIMROID

hi! i'm SIMROID

hi! i'm SIMROID

Ah ya, I only had short extend time there; so I had to choose wisely whether Disneyland or Disneysea. At 1st, I preferred Disneyland. But, most of my college friends decided to go to Disneysea. I got the reason; because so far, you can enjoy Disney sea in japan only; Disneyland can also be reached in other countries, likes Hong Kong and USA. And my friend said that Disneyland was too childish for us. Hahaha. But, I didn’t get what she meant since I still enjoyed Disney till this age. LOL.

Hey, I cried when I was watching welcoming parade from Mickey and friends. Hahahha. It’s just happened so natural. Hahaha. What to say in English, err, in Indonesia, I called this “anak desa yang pergi ke kota dan diajak ke dufan pertama kali” hahahahha :p

mickey :)

mickey 🙂

Living cost in Japan is expensive. Don’t compare with Indonesia, please. Haha. It’s summer when I was there. Truly hot! Haha.

Sho told me the meaning of the motto of the founder of Nippon Dental University that was writing in library door; that was about 3 keys of success. They are Passion, Purpose, and Prospect. Well, anyone could correct me if I was wrong. I do agree with the motto.

Library, take a look at the motto there~

Library, take a look at the motto there~

At the end of this writing, I come with a conclusion that I have to go back to this country someday. I think  that want to study there. I want to see dentistry more and more. We never had enough.

good food makes me happy ;) *hey, 2 bears above are lovable :)

good food makes me happy 😉 *hey, 2 bears above are lovable 🙂

Reach your dreams, stay believe, and do something. Have a nice day all! 🙂


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6 responses to “Japan APDSA 2010

  1. Nanta

    September 8, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Want to go to Japan again… sigh…

    • anindita

      September 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm

      pergi yuk.. #setelahsayakerjadannabungdulubertahun2 :p

  2. siesti

    September 9, 2010 at 6:34 am

    waw.. cool.. I hope I can go there someday.. ^^

    • anindita

      September 10, 2010 at 8:34 pm

      Amien, mb.esti.. 🙂

  3. Asop

    September 10, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Ah, aku nitip2 oleh2!! 😥

    • anindita

      September 10, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      ahh, si daddy ini narutonya jg masi di aku.. haha


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