Hola Internetoss!

21 May

Lately, I’ve been addicted to YouTube.

YouTube dominates my daily, but mostly weekend i guess.  I can spend a whole insomnia night with YouTube by my side till morning. You know, i search from news, humor, singer, song covered, tutorial, drama, last skipped show, astronomy, dentistry, mv song, live performance, till the things that just come to my mind in sudden.

If i was just too tired to go to my pc, I’d go with my phone cell to reach youtube. Don’t tell my mom about my phone bill due to this. Hahahha. Since my home internet sets as an unlimited, so it’s safe. Hahaha.

Talking about YouTube, it will lead us to the basic connecting idea, which is internet. If YouTube predominates my daily, internet rules my life. haha. I use to live my life with internet. From messenger, mail, maps, google, streaming tv, radio, chatting, make a call, webcam and everything that needs connection.

My 1st internet was using 08098999* telk*mnet instan, hahaha. Ah, to get best connection, you needed to online in the midnight. Hahahaha. Or just woke up earlier than dawn just to make internet connection. Making internet connection in the afternoon meant you can leave your pc desk, making coffee in the kitchen, then go to bathroom to have a pee *upps, calmly washing the hands, going back again to the kitchen to bring the coffee along, and coming back to the desk to find that the web that you’ve had input before was still not 100% ready. Hahahaha. That sounds pleonastic, but i think we could get another worse experiences. Hahaha.

But Thanks God, now i have better connection of internet… *big applause 😀

If i need to know something, the thing that comes to my mind is googling. Hahaha. I googled everything from information, lyrics, entertainers, dramas, cartoons, anime, street direction, language till someone that i just want to know, whether he/she is famous people or just ordinary people, such as friend, lecturer, enemies –haha-, or “him”. Hahahha. Could be referred to anyone, right? LOL

Ah ya, i like tumblr very much. It makes me forget time that’s wasted away as i do tumblring. You know, we can blogging, reblog, press “like icon”, searching posts or just sightseeing and follow others tumblr. I can find almost everything here. What a genius invention!

Well, about internet forum; I’m not that in to, if it’s for being active member. I just do visit as surfing freely, reading and get to know something there. No comments at all. 😀

Blogging is my favorite. From blogwalking till blogging itself. But as a blogger, i’m not being total; so my blog is nothing but daily junk. Hahaha. Let’s say, part time blogger.

Game online is interesting, but it is so junior-high-school-one.. hahahha. I meant, i played when i was in junior high school. I lost the desire to play due to boredom. Let me remember, err, i played CSI, pet –something-, and kingdom –something-. Hahahha. I forget the detail.

Ah ya, i had enough of facebook. But, previously i visited that site regularly to play mafia wars. But now, i’m almost done. Hahaha. Ennui. But, it didn’t mean i was going to hiatus from FB, because we needed to get in touch with friends and gaining information.

To me, Twitter is something that we can talk to when we are lonely. Or just to know something happening around us. Yah, it is good stuff! Haha!

foursquare is just for fun-

Ah ya, before social network such as friendster existed, i had active on penpal site. I think, the penpal sites in the past is more pure than today. Ah, how i miss making friends worldwide via penpal site.

So far, that’s internet for me. Perhaps later, i’ll use internet for some other reasons such us businesses, banking, online transaction and the rest that needs more secure protection.

Viva internetoss 🙂


Posted by on May 21, 2011 in curhat zone, for fun, info zone


2 responses to “Hola Internetoss!

  1. Asop

    May 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

    ….udah lah pokoke aku komen aja. 😎


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