someday, for sure, i will cross the sea

04 Jun

sometimes the way home takes so long.
sometimes i get so tired and exhausted.
as soon as i opened the door, i fall asleep.
and when i wake up no one is there.

when i lay my body in the small bathtub,
a small snail comes to me
with his small voice, he whispered to me….

……that someday when that day comes,
i will go to the ocean at the end of this harsh world.
no one saw it but
i will follow the waves that i can hear in my head.
i want to go forever.


i gave up my everything but
now everything is fading away like smoke
with my remaining strength
to finally satisfy and get rid of my dreams
to forget everything….. i will cross the sea

*cited from korean song (english translated) : Dahl Paeng Ee (snail) – cho kyuhyun

~i do mean it

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Posted by on June 4, 2011 in curhat zone, sing a song


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